Critiquing   Editing   Polishing

  Would you like extra help from an experienced editor before publishing or submitting your book? I have seven years
experience editing novels and nonfiction. With each project, my goal is to polish the writing and make the book the best it
can be. I have an eye for what sells and what story elements need work in order to pull readers in.

         I edit for:

  • Plot Issues - info dumps, slow starts, confusing openings, elements not working
  • Story order
  • Passive Voice, mixing of first and third or tense problems
  • Overused words
  • Summary (show don't tell)
  • Fake and unnatural dialogue
  • Pacing, Slow movement; unneeded scenes
  • Unrealistic details that throw readers out of the story
  • Repeated information, conflicting information in different parts
  • Point of view problems (skipping around, "head hopping," unclear point of view)
  • Lengthy paragraphs or chapters
  • And many more issues that take away from your novel

    Some of these apply to nonfiction, which also needs edited for:
  • Clarity
  • Flow (Sentences are easier to read in a conversational style.)
  • Writer's Voice
  • Use of stories and examples to clarify points and keep reader interest.
  • Pace of information
  • Passion for the topic. Readers want to be engaged and excited.
  • Headings to break up sections
  • Paragraph and sentence length

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     Editing and Book Development
"Kristen  completed my
project ahead of time
and I've already been
contacted by two
agents who are
interested in receiving
more of my manuscript!
Kristen is very
professional. She
listens and she
delivers. I highly will
definitely hire her for
future projects!"