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You have a manuscript and want to know where to go from there.
I can step in and help you through the publishing process. I format novels,
nonfiction, children's books, poetry, business books, and more for print and
ebook publication. I can do all the legwork and guide you through the
publishing process.

Clean, Classy, Affordable Formatting for Indie Authors!

    Formatting For All Venues:
    Createspace, Lightning Source
    Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, PDF


    Book Critiques, Development, and Editing

    Maybe you've written a novel or nonfiction book and want to ensure
    it's polished before going out to editors and agents or to the public. I
    can critique your manuscript, giving feedback on any weak areas,
    suggestions, strengths that you might want to highlight, and ideas to
    improve the book. Many authors seek critiques before submitting to
    agents or editors at traditional publishing houses.

    Obtaining a professional edit and critique greatly increases your
    chances of acceptance with a major publisher. Before submitting your
    manuscript to agents and editors, make sure the story is at its best.

    If you plan to self-publish, you can hire me to fine-comb your book.
    I'll edit your work and provide feedback on your writing, yet I retain
    your voice and style.


I offer consulting for writing, publishing and marketing.
As an author, I have over twenty published works and have sold
over 100,000 copies. I have experience with traditional publishing
and self publishing, and the marketing that applies to both.
here to take a look at my writing website and blog.

    Ready to get started?
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